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If our website name appeared on your credit card statement, then your credit card was used directly to purchase a subscription to a website with recurring monthly membership costs. The company name listed on your credit card statement, provided to you from your financial institution, may be different than the website name that was joined. Reach out to our customer service team if you no longer wish to remain a member, would like to cancel your account, or receive a refund.

Our motto is "Simplicity & Efficiency in Service" - so do not hesitate to contact us.

Many customers believe that directly contacting their financial institution / bank to chargeback a transaction is the best way to get a refund; definitely not the case. In fact, the process to chargeback an amount is time consuming for all parties involved. Contact us, and we will process any refunds or cancellations instantly. Please note, if you do choose to chargeback a transaction, it is our policy to prohibit any further membership with our website. You have options, contact us today to discuss.

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